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Yoga and Mindfulness are fantastic practices for people of all ages, all body types, and all abilities.

Yoga isn't just about touching your toes, it's a mind-body practice that is all about staying in the moment, and feeling your best.

The poses themselves can also be adapted and tailored to meet each student's needs in a gentle and restorative way, so it truly is for anyone.


There are a stack of benefits to these wellbeing practices, especially later in life, including:


  • Feeling more energised, joyful, and connected

  • Supporting brain health and cognitive functioning 

  • Better balance, which can reduce the risk of falls

  • Healthier lungs and respiratory function

  • Can improve bone density

  • Better sleep 

  • Great chance to get social and try something new!

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The Proposal

Bumblebee Yoga would love to partner with you to offer yoga and mindfulness sessions in your community!


Sessions on offer include:

  • Gentle Yoga: A class that includes sitting, standing, and floor poses, with plenty of variations

  • Adaptive Yoga: Small group or 1-1 classes for people with mobility challenges. This includes working on the floor and with lots of props to explore different poses

  • Seated Chair Yoga: This class takes place entirely from the chair, with no weight bearing poses

  • Dynamic Chair Yoga: Using the chair as a prop, we do some weight bearing poses with support from the chair

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Classes: Although all the classes have these elements, these classes don't involve movement, and are just focused on the mind and breath

  • Caring for Carers: This program is delivered to staff, focusing on the wellbeing and self-care needs of people working in caring roles


There are several options to deliver these programs, for example:

  • A program funded by your organisation at no cost to participants

  • Classes subsidised by your organisation and offered at a reduced cost to participants

  • Weekly sessions offered to residents at your facility, at a discounted price to them

  • One-off workshop or short course to teach yoga and mindfulness basics



Programs start at around $8 per student per session


Cost varies depending on what type of sessions are requested, how many students, and how many sessions are booked.


If you'd like to enquire about how we can make yoga work for your organisation, please click here to get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote.